23 Feb 2012


Think of Sri Krishna- breathes raise like waves and end in tears;
Surrender to Sri Krishna- head raises in purity and bows in affection;
Search Sri Krishna devotion- starts with flame and glows like sun;
Love Sri Krishna- heart understands bliss and soul feels rejuvenation.

Tears dropped for Sri RadhaKrishna’s love are priceless,
Ears yearning to hear Sri RadhaKrishna’s name are timeless,
Voice chanting Sri RadhaKrishna’s name are supreme,
Hearts thinking of Sri RadhaKrishna finds them even in their dreams.

Her lotus eyes are mystically intense- filled with kindness essence,
Her smile is magnificent- like million diamonds arranged in crescent,
Her aura blissful ocean- like depths of purity blended in devotion,
Sri Radha worshipped by trinities above- lives in devotees heart as Sri Krishna’s love.